Temporary Crown Remover Pliers with soft pads



  • Crown remover plier having working tips with Silicone pads for better grip
  • equal pressure to avoid porcelain chipping
  • ideal tool to remove temporary bonded crowns




The Temporary Crown remover plier has a special design. The working tips having soft silicone pads. The pads grip the crowns.

These soft pads exert equal pressure on the crown and are so gentle. Thus avoid chipping of porcelain in case of a porcelain crown/bridge.

It is an ideal tool to remove temporary banded crowns. Two extra pairs of silicone grips are provided in the packing.

Procedure to use

The pliers have a locking screw to allow better working. It is recommended to first hold the crown gently with the pliers and engage the locking screw to the position.

Then unscrew the locking screw to half a turn or less to engage the crown. The locking screw allows a controlled grip on the crown and then buccal and lingual forces can be applied alternatively to disengage the crown.


If the crown is bonded too strongly, do not use these pliers otherwise the underlying tooth can break or will become mobile.

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