Adams Pliers with Tungsten Carbide Inserts Golden Dot Series


  • Orthodontic Adams plier with Tungsten Carbide inserts
  • Strong and Durable material for wire bending
  • Wire bending
  • Specialized cuts groove design on the handle for better grip
  • Ideal for dental lab workers



The Adams Plier is a product of the Golden Dot Series. Our Golden Dot Series products are state of the art products with strict quality control. We manufacture the instruments at a facility with good manufacturing practices (GMP Certified).

The Adams plier is an ideal instrument for dental lab workers. The plier is strong and resilient. Thus, it makes wire bending easy.

The handle has a special design. It has cuts and grooves in the holding end. Thus, allows a better grip.

The wire tends to slip from substandard pliers. Another issue with low-quality products is that they wear out too soon. Our product has Tungsten Carbide inserts. Durable and resilient tungsten carbide ensures resistance and thus longer life.

The Adams plier grips the wire strongly.

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