Orthodontic adhesive removing pliers, cement removing pliers

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  • Adhesive remover From Tooth surface after braces removal

  • Composite/GIC remover from the buccal surface of the tooth

  • Teflon coated end for engaging the occlusal surface


The Adhesive removing plier is an important instrument for orthodontists. This removes adhesive from the tooth surface after braces removal.

You can remove the steel ring (molar band) of the last tooth, or remover the bracket and also remove the adhesive cement left over the tooth surface.

A major problem faced after the removal of braces is cleaning the mess behind. Bonded cement is difficult to remove.

The Adhesive remover is a time-saving instrument. The instrument has a unique design. The plier has 2 ends.

On one end we see a Teflon pad. The Teflon pad is engaged on the occlusal surface.

On the other end of the plier, we see a tough scrapper.

The dentist applies one end on the occlusal surface and scrapes off the cement with the other end simultaneously. Thus, it can scrape off composite or GIC.

The length of the tip can be adjusted with the help of a screw. Therefore you can scratch off the leftover cement on the tooth surface after adjusting the length of the extruding rod.

The instrument comes with an extra Teflon cushion.

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