Olsen Hegar Needle Holder Needle Driver 6 inches With Built In Scissors

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    • Needle holder with scissors in 1 instrument i.e. 6 inches in length


    • holding ends are welded with the resilient Tungsten carbide 


    • Gold-plated handle with reliable Lock design


Olsen Hegar Needle holder with scissors is a one-piece instrument of 6 inches for quick working. Small operators can suture and cut with the same tool. The handle is gold plated. The lock provides a better grip and easy movement. The scissors part in the working tip is an added advantage for surgeons which reduces hassle. Holding ends of the Olsen Hager Needle holder with scissors weld with tungsten carbide insert. 

The holding end of the instrument is gold plated. Thus, this gives the instrument a premium look.

The Tungsten carbide inserts of the Olsen Hager needle holder and scissor are strong. The material is famous for its strength.

The surgeon uses a needle holder for suturing. The assistant or the surgeon himself requires to use a scissor for cutting the suture. The transition between the instruments is time-consuming. This method is full of hassle. A lot of time can be saved by using a single instrument. Thus, Olsen Hegar needle holder with suture scissors is manufactured with scissors incorporated. The instrument has a holding end along with cutting Tungsten carbide inserts.

The suturing needle slips with most of the instruments. This is due to the substandard holding ends. Our instrument has a corrugated surface of inserts. The suturing needle does not slip on the corrugated surface of inserts. Thus, it makes a time-saving tool. This product resists distortion, even with the big-sized needles.

An issue faced is breaking or chipping of the holding end. However, in Olsen Hager needle holder with scissors, the Tungsten carbide inserts are ideal for durability and control.

We also sell needle holder and cutting scissors separately. For straight scissors click here


  • 5
    Very well made, reasonable price.

    Posted by Rockies on 4th Nov 2021

    Excellent workmanship, much better than I expected for this price. Likely durable because of the tungsten carbide inserts.

  • 5
    Amazing quality!

    Posted by KissArmy on 4th Nov 2021

    I am a board-certified general surgeon with 20-years of experience and I'm often asked by medical students about instruments they should purchase to practice suturing on. This needle-driver is the real deal. It is probably a $200 driver for about $15.00. What's the catch? I can't find one. I have NOT found a suture-practicing kit on Amazon that has any worthy instruments. Most instruments in kits are cheap, "spring open", or are incredibly stiff. Not with this needle driver. I purchased two. Perhaps the reason they are less expensive than those from other manufacturers is they're intended for veterinary use--but trust me, these are the same high-quality needle drivers used in human operating rooms. Best needle-driver. Period. Especially for the money! IF you are a medical student, and you're looking for a quality needle-driver to practice your suture skills with, look no more. Buy one of these. NOT JUNK.