Distal End Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Inserts ARTMAN

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  • The Distal End cutter is an important instrument for Orthodontists.
  • This a high-quality product that performs perfectly. This cutter can be used to cut 0.018, 0.020, and up to 0.019, 0.025 wires. Therefore a very useful tool.
  • The handle has gold plating. Its length makes it convenient to approach the more distally placed buccal tubes.
  • This instrument cuts an orthodontic wire in the patient's mouth. The handle has an ergonomic design.
  • There are 2 major problems when dealing with a low-quality wire cutter. This particular instrument solves both.
  • The first problem is the inadequate cutting strength. Thus, the dentist struggles to cut the wire, exert excessive force in the mouth of the patient. This may cause breaking off of brackets.
  • This cutter comes with Tungsten Carbide inserts. The strong tungsten carbide ensures superior and long-lasting cutting abilities. Thus, easier wire cutting for the dentist. Tungsten carbide is durable too.
  • The other major concern is the slipping of cut wire into the buccal mucosa. After the dentist cuts the wire, there is a risk that the wire may hit soft tissue and injure the patient. Or an even worse scenario could be swallowing the cut wire.
  • Its cutting edges are designed to hold the cut off part of the wire to assure safety. Safety hold design avoids poking the cut off part piercing.



  • 5
    Works as suggested.

    Posted by J. V. Piles on 28th Feb 2023

    Worked as supposed to.

  • 5
    Snippity snip!

    Posted by Ale on 28th Feb 2023

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the tool .Works very nicely... used it to cut the wire after a broken bracket.

  • 5
    good tool, highly recommended

    Posted by Stephanie G. on 28th Feb 2023

    I have very thick wires for my braces and they were sticking out pretty far. I wasn't sure if these would be strong enough to cut it but they worked perfect. Good investment.

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Shahana on 28th Feb 2023

    It is working great in my office and I ordered a couple of more. Its cutting is good and wire holding quality is great. It does not let the cut-down part of the wire to poke into the cheek. Its large handle offers more control in my hand while cutting at the back of the buccal tube.

  • 5
    Gets the job done!

    Posted by joseph on 28th Feb 2023

    These worked perfect. The wire from my braces was poking my cheek and we used these cutters to cut the wire. It helps having someone to help because my wife did the cutting for me. It saved me a trip to the orthodontist so I’m satisfied.

  • 5
    Snip that nasty brace wire stabbing the cheek!

    Posted by Kendra on 28th Feb 2023

    Okay. I'm not a denstist of any sort or kind, but we found ourselves in need of a quick fix when my daughter's braces were stabbing her in the cheek. I looked and looked for something I could use to cut the wire but I was scared I'd accidentally cut her cheek. I see why dentists use this instrument. It cuts bluntly without protruding and risk cutting the cheek. Her ortho appointment was weeks away and this was an instant, quick fix to snip that wire that was causing her pain. It was worth the 20 dollars and we received it next-day. I'll be saving this handy tool for next time!

  • 5
    Good Product

    Posted by Merlin on 28th Feb 2023

    I find the quality to be good. I have used it multiple times, and it has worked well.

  • 5

    Posted by randell on 28th Feb 2023

    A bit dangerous but they definitely work! I have had braces for 6 months now and when I got my first power chain my wires moved so much that I was in pain and distraught! My husband bought me these cutters and first I had to figure out how to use them THEN once I figured it out I cut myself! So take your time and pull your cheek with your finger if you are going to cut the wires yourself!

  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Joel Castaneda on 21st Oct 2022

    It is working great in my office and I ordered a couple of more. Its cutting is good and wire holding quality is great