Distal end cutter Large handle with tungsten carbide inserts

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  • high-quality product

  • large handle for easy use

  • Tungsten carbide inserts are designed for durability

  • Safety hold action for the cut off part of the wire

  • Can be used to cut 0.018, 0.020, 0.019, 0.025 wires


The Distal End cutter is an important instrument for Orthodontists.

This a high-quality product that performs perfectly. This cutter can be used to cut 0.018, 0.020, and up to 0.019, 0.025 wires. Therefore a very useful tool.

The handle has gold plating. Its length makes it convenient to approach the more distally placed buccal tubes.

This instrument cuts an orthodontic wire in the patient's mouth. The handle has an ergonomic design.

There are 2 major problems when dealing with a low-quality wire cutter. This particular instrument solves both.

The first problem is the inadequate cutting strength. Thus, the dentist struggles to cut the wire, exert excessive force in the mouth of the patient. This may cause breaking off of brackets.

This cutter comes with Tungsten Carbide inserts. The strong tungsten carbide ensures superior and long-lasting cutting abilities. Thus, easier wire cutting for the dentist. Tungsten carbide is durable too.

The other major concern is the slipping of cut wire into the buccal mucosa. After the dentist cuts the wire, there is a risk that the wire may hit soft tissue and injure the patient. Or an even worse scenario could be swallowing the cut wire.

Its cutting edges are designed to hold the cut off part of the wire to assure safety. Safety hold design avoids poking the cut off part piercing.

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