Tweed Omega Loop forming pliers


  • specially designed to make loops or springs in archwires.
  • Wire Bending and arch forming
  • omega loop forming
  • UPC: 703168836602


Tweed Omega Loop forming pliers is a unique and useful instrument for orthodontists.

The instrument is made up of high-quality stainless steel. Thus, it is fully autoclavable.

The plier is used in the formation of the Omega loop. This loop is an important loop used in the traction of teeth in orthodontics.

The pliers can also be used in making loops or springs in the orthodontic archwire.

It has three steps to make different diameter loops or springs.

The instrument has an ergonomic design. The working edges sit nicely with each other to shape the wire. Thus, allowing easy bending of wire.

The Tweed Omega Loop forming pliers provides a good grip on the wire.

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