Bracket Removing Pliers


  • UPC:  721867113060
  • A rapid removal of brackets
  • Plier’s tip causes minimum pain
  • Strong working tip
  • Lightweight for easy working


The Bracket removing pliers is a must-have instrument at the Orthodontist’s operatory.

The pliers are of high quality. It is lightweight. Thus, allows easy removal of braces.

The removal is a virtually painless procedure.

The tips of the instrument have a special design. Thus, allows uniform pressure on the bracket wings.

You just have to apply the pliers on the brackets. Grip the upper and lower wings of the bracket between the jaws of the plier. Then press the handle of pliers gently.

The gentle pressure on the bracket wings distorts it. Thus, gently disengage it from the tooth surface.


A pulling action during removal of brackets is not recommended. You just squeeze on the brackets to remove. The pulling action may cause pain to the patient.

We also sell Bracket Removing pliers with tungsten carbide tips. For more info click here.


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