Matrix Band Holding Forceps With Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Artman Instruments
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    • Ultra-strong and gently Serrated Tungsten carbide working tips to offer a firm grip.


    • Ideal for Class 2 cavity fillings (composite, amalgam and GIC)

Long arm handles and high-quality spring action for easy use

The Matrix band holding Forceps is a strong device that is easy to use. The most important part of the instrument is the tip which is made up of robust Tungsten Carbide that is famous. The working tip is gently serrated to ensure a firm grip of the matrix band. The arm handles are long i.e. 13.5cm (5.33 inches) in length which makes gripping them easy. With this length, you can apply uniform pressure on the tooth and the periodontium. The spring action strip between the arm handles is of high-quality and responsive, thus making handling easy.

A common problem encountered with matrix band holders is slipping of the band when applying to the tooth. Our Matrix Band Holding Forceps solves this problem by:



    1. The tip is made of robust Tungsten Carbide allows strong hold.


    1. The gentle serrations on the working tip prevent slipping of the matrix band during interdental placement.