Mathieu Pliers 5″ Needle Holder, separator placer, Lace back tightener


Mathieu pliers 5 inch

  • Positive locking pliers 
  • for holding, placing and tying ligatures and elastics in orthodontics
  • for grasping and guiding needle when suturing
  • for holding drape sheets in general surgery




The Mathieu Pliers is a multi-functional instrument. It has uses in multiple fields of medicine.

Design of Mathieu

The Mathieu pliers have a positive lock. The instrument provides a secure lock once the ligature is held in it. The working tips are strong.

A common issue faced while placing the orthodontic ligatures is slipping off the ligature or elastic. This particular instrument provides a firm grip and subtle locking. Thus, solving the issue.

In Orthodontics

In orthodontics it’s used for holding, placing elastics. You can also tye ligatures using it. You can twist wire using it when making a fix retainers for lower anteriors.

In General Surgery

The Pliers can hold the drape sheets.

You can use the pliers in grasping and guiding needles while suturing.

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