Orthodontic Bracket Placer/Bracket Self Holder Tweezer

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  • Bracket holder/placer with bracket position aligner at the back end

  • Back end applies uniform pressure

  • Long shank for easy aiming

  • Specialized design to view adjacent brackets and visually determine the position of the bracket

  • Spring action for holding


The 10pc Orthodontic Bracket Placer is a must-have device for orthodontists. The set consists of 10 pieces of orthodontic bracket holders/placers.

The bracket placers have a special design. The back ends have a Bracket position aligner. Thus, this instrument saves time while placing brackets.

A common issue with substandard instruments is the unequal distribution of pressure. Therefore, dispersal of composite underneath the bracket during placement.

The bracket holders’ ends apply uniform pressure in the central part of the bracket during application. Thus, it solves the issue.

The Bracket Placer/holders have long shanks. This helps in aiming at the right location of the bracket. The design allows you to overview the adjacent brackets. And thus, visually determine the position of the bracket.

Substandard instruments have faulty spring action. A faulty spring leads to the improper grip of the bracket.

The spring action of this instrument gently holds the bracket. And thus, offers optimum pressure while placing the bracket.

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