Universal Dental Capsule Applier Applicator Gun for GC 3M SDI

Artman Instruments
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  • applicator gun for GC Fuji SDI and similar products with Gold-plated handle

  • used for extruding substances like sealants, bonding, composites, and impression materials.

  • same caliber as the Capsule Applier III by GC Fuji


Universal Dental Capsule Applicator Gun is an applicator gun for GC Fuji SDI and similar products. It is an essential product for any dental practice.

The Universal Dental Capsule Applicator Gun extrudes sealants and bonding agents. It also extrudes composite and impression materials. 

The gun is an economical alternative to the Capsule Applier III. It performs at the same caliber as Capsule Applier III.

The gun is autoclavable and cab used for capsule activation before mixing.

The precision tips allow easy and accurate distribution of products on or around teeth.