Artery Forceps Golden Straight 5 inches Mosquito Orthodontic Dental Surgical hemostat

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  • Golden Artery Forceps 5 inches long

  • Used in orthodontics for placing ligatures.

  • Hemostat in surgical procedures

  • Drape sheet holder in the operation room

  • The lock is designed to exert uniform pressure on the working ends.

  • Also used as a holding device for cloth industry, art and craft, and flower making


The Golden Artery Forceps straight is a useful instrument and a tool too. The artery forceps is a necessary component in a surgery room.

The artery forceps act as a good mosquito hemostat. It holds the artery fine and stops blood.

The 5 inches long instrument is useful for holding drapes and sheets in the operation theatre.

It has uses in orthodontics too. Orthodontists use the artery forceps straight to place ligatures on brackets.

The Golden Artery forceps is a tool in arts and crafts and flower making. It acts as a holding device in the cloth industry too.

We also sell Artery forceps straight Mosquito Hemostat 5 inches. For more info click here.