Set of 16 Each Stainless-Steel Oral Dental Extraction Surgery EXTRACTING Forceps Dental Instruments ARTMAN Brand

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This is are set of most commonly used sizes of the dental extraction forceps required by every dental office.

  • MOST COMMONLY USED FORCEPS: The set includes 16 most commonly used sizes of dental extraction forceps.
  • UPPER AND LOWER: The seven forceps are used for the lower teeth and the 9 forceps are used for the upper teeth.
  • LOWER FORCEPS: The set includes the lower full molar forceps #168, Lower molar forceps #74N and #13, Lower bicuspids #160, lower anterior #164 and lower BD forceps # 86, lower third molar forceps #79,
  • UPPER FORCEPS: The set includes right upper forceps#17, Left upper forceps #18, Upper Bicuspid forceps #7,#33,#179 and upper anterior forceps #29, upper BD forceps #131, upper root forceps #158.
  • AUTOCLAVABLE: These are made with high quality stainless steel. The product is rust resistant and autoclavable.
  • GREAT DESIGN: The working tips are serrated for the better grip and the handles are made with the slip resistant qualities.



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