Osteotomes 21 pcs concave and convex changeable Straight & Curved calibrated screw tip

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Set of 10 color-coded osteotomes, with interchangeable convex and concave tips with a mallet and an autoclavable cassette.
Concave working tips to take the bone graft material to the site and convex tips to compress the bone graft.
The length of the working tip can be controlled by the overlying screw.
Two screws at the working tip. One as a stopper and other as a measure of increment of bone that is being added
A stainless steel cassette keeps the integrity unit as a separate set.--

Ideal set for any implantologist to compress the bone graft material in the sinus lift procedure.
We designed this kit keeping in view the need of the sinus lisft procedure. Now you will get the all the concave and convex and also straight and curved osteotomes in one set.