Fat Injection Gun With 10ml 20ml and 50ml Slot For Syringe Attachments and Transfer Adapter.

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Micro Fat Injection Gun With 10ml 20ml and 50ml syringe attachments

Inject 0.1ml per click

The disposable syringes of 10mm, 20ml and 50ml can be attached in the given slots
and the piston attachment of these 3 sizes is provided with the syringe.
Fat Transfer injection Gun for Cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgery Liposuction procedures



Fat Transfer injection Gun is used for injection the fats in Cosmetic surgery procedures.

Micro Fat Injection Gun is supplied with slots for 10ml 20ml and 50ml syringe and piston attachments.

 The operator will buy sterilized disposable plastic syringe of 10ml or 20ml or 50ml from the market and will use the rubber seal of its piston on the given stainless steel attachment of the gun and use that piston inside the plastic syringe.

 One click will inject one ml of fat.

The trigger of the injection gun produces a high injection pressure which helps reduce operator’s fatigue. The package is also supplied with the 4 different types and sizes of transfer adapters. This product is autoclavable.