Dental Syringe intraligamental 1.8ml anesthetic Power Syringe Dental Instrument

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Dental Intraligamental local anesthesia power syringe with Black handle

  • Ergonomic design that offers lesser load on the operator’s fingers

  • robust and lightweight

  • uniform pressure on the harpoon


Dental Intraligamental Local Anesthesia Power Syringe offers an ergonomic design. Thus, it helps ease work for the dentists.

The instrument is lightweight. Dental Intraligamental Local Anesthesia Power Syringe is sturdy. Therefore, it is durable. Use a 1.8 ml cartridge. The cartridge is side-loaded into the syringe.

Substandard Intraligamental syringes exert uneven pressure. Thus, the imbalanced delivery of harpoon onto the ampule. This leads to a broken carpule.

To work with stuck rubber is hectic. Our syringe has a harpoon that solves the issue by exerting uniform pressure on the ampule.

Therefore, a uniform distribution of the anesthetic solution.

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    Posted by José Isaac Morales Quiñonez on 17th Nov 2021

    Good dental instrument !!