Dental Mirror Matte Black Set of 5 Mouth Mirror for General and Laser Dentist by Artman Instruments

Artman Instruments
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  • Rhodium plating is extra shining plating that makes our product far superior in reflection. The rhodium mirror plate is sealed with the silicone at the back that makes it long lasting and water resistant. This plating makes the mirror as front surface reflection that provides a clearer image and turns it anti fog that is a usual problem when the mirror is inserted in the mouth.
  • This set of 5 Matte Black mirrors handles are stainless steel made and plated with high quality black plasma that makes it rust resistant and scratch resistant. It increases its working life. This also gives it a great look. They are an invaluable addition to any tool kit because they are made to never rust, break, or even bend under strain.
  • Matte Black Dental Mirror instruments may be fully autoclaved without concern because of their all-stainless steel structure, which also makes them simple to clean.
  • There is a 45-degree angle between the mirror and the handle, making it easier for you to inspect hard-to-see areas of your teeth your eyelashes, and, generating explicit viewing back and forth, under, inside, and outside areas that you can’t see. Non-slip Black plated Handle assures accuracy and comfort.