Weingart Pliers Wire bending pliers


Weingart pliers 

  • Offering the most competitive price
  • strong instrument with ergonomic design
  • for wire bending 
  • for pushing archwire into buccal tubes of molar bands


Weingart plier is a  high-quality product.

Its made of German steel. The plier provides a strong grip.

The handles have a special design to increase grip while working.

The design of the working ends is nice.

Weingart plier is one of the wire bending pliers in the dental inventory. You can use it for clasp formation.

The main use of the plier is to help guide the archwire through the buccal tubes of the molar band. The curved tip allows this to be done with ease.

Its tip offers a strong grip to the heavy wires like 0.018 and 0.020.

We also sell the Nance loop forming pliers. For more info click here


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