Three Prong Pliers for Orthodontists


  • used to shape the orthodontic clasps
  • clasp adjusting pliers
  • wire bending pliers
  • used to shape Prosthodontic clasps


Three Prong Pliers has use in Orthodontics and Prosthodontics too.

Use in Orthodontics

Three Prong Pliers shapes the orthodontic clasps.

You can use it for intraoral archwire adjustments. You can also use the pliers for dental laboratory procedures.

At the dental chair, you can use the pliers to tighten the removable appliances such as Hawley retainers, etc. This is achieved by adjusting the clasps.

It can close adjustment loops on springs; contour and position clasps.

Use in Prosthodontics 

The Pliers is also beneficial for Prosthodontists. You can use the Pliers to form neat clasps free of kinks.


We also sell Adams pliers with tungsten carbide inserts. For more info click here


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