Rubber Dam Clamps Black for Laser Fillings Set of 12 with autoclavable mounting Stand Rack




  • Anti-glare Rubber Dam Clamps for isolation of tooth
  • 12 different sizes according to tooth size (most commonly used)
  • Ideal for use in laser fillings and canal sterilizations by an endodontist
  • Stainless-steel autoclavable mounting rack to avoid the risk of loss



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The Black Rubber dam Clamps are used for laser fillings and laser endodontic procedures where you are more careful about the reflection. It is a set of 12  black plasma coated clamps in matte finish and comprise of most commonly used sizes organized on a stainless steel organizer. The different sizes allow you to use the clamps on anterior or posterior teeth by selecting the appropriate size.

The clamps provide good isolation and grip the tooth structure well. Ideal devices for doing laser fillings where reflection is an important issue and carrying out canal sterilizations by an endodontist. 

The most common problem faced by the dentists and the assistants is the loss of clamps. We have solved the problem by providing a stainless-steel autoclavable mounting rack/sheet that helps organize the clamps. This reduces the risk of losing them

Any clamp stretched beyond its elastic limit can break easily. So, avoid this action.

We also sell Rubber dam clamps for normal fillings. For normal clamps click here

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 cm


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