Molar Band Removing pliers Silver Dot Series


  • quick molar band removal
  • Time-saving
  • pain-free procedure


Our Golden Dot Series products are state of the art products with strict quality control manufactured at a facility with good manufacturing practices (GMP Certified). The Molar band removing plier is a must-have instrument at the Orthodontist office.

You can get your molar bands off with band removing pliers.

The Molar band removing plier has an ergonomic design and allows easy removal of bonded molar band.


To remove the bands from the upper molar teeth (approaching from the cheek side) place the white button of the pliers on the chewing surface of the tooth. And then engage the edge of the other end of pliers to the molar band towards the gum side and press it gently to loosen the band over the tooth surface. Then approach from the other side ( palatal side) and repeat the same and the molar band should be out.

To remove the band from the lower molar teeth, using the same procedure, first approach from the cheek side to loosen the band and then approach from the tongue side to disengage it. Then engage the band from the cheek side again and it should be easily out.

Put gentle pressure in increments.

We also sell Molar Band pusher. for more info click here


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