• Non-Aspirating dental syringe
  • Designed for usage with 1.8ml cartridge offering
  • Side loading design
  • The ergonomic design of finger holder and easy to push and pull thumb holder design
  • High-quality and lightweight


The Dental syringe provided has an ergonomic design. Use with a 1.8ml cartridge. The loading method is to move the syringe barrel that turns 90 degrees and allows loading of the 1.8ml cartridge from the back. The finger holding place has an ergonomic design. Thus, to facilitate operating.

The dental syringe is made out of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, it has the advantage of being lightweight. 

The hub for the needle thread offers the best-fit base for the standard size needle.

Note 25- and 27-gauge needles work fine with the syringe while you may find the 30 gauge needle a bit tight.

We also sell Intraligamental Anesthetic Syringe. For Intraligamental syringe, click here


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