Dental Syringe Aspirating 1.8ml Black gold anesthetic Syringe 1

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  • Self-Aspirating dental syringe

  • Designed for usage with 1.8ml cartridge offering

  • Side loading design

  • Harpoon is designed to strongly engage rubber piston of the cartridge

  • Ergonomic design of finger holder and easy to push and pull thumb holder design


The Dental Self-aspirating syringe has an ergonomic design for aspiration. The thumb ring allows easy retraction of the harpoon.

The harpoon of the syringe firmly grips the rubber piston of the cartridge. It aspirates easily. This procedure gives a clear indication of whether the needle has penetrated the blood vessel or not.

The syringe works with 1.8ml cartridge. The loading method is side-loading. The finger holding place has an ergonomic design to facilitate operating.

Substandard syringes don't grip rubber of the cartridge. Dental Self-Aspirating harpoons easily penetrate the rubber piston. Thus, resulting in easy and efficient aspiration.

Note 25- and 27-gauge needles work fine with the syringe while you may find the 30 gauge needle a bit tight.

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