Dental Orthodontic Brackets Set Mini MBT 0.022 Set of 3


Orthodontic brackets set MBT

  • Roth 0.022
  • Metal brackets 
  • extra strong mesh 
  • 3 hooks




Dental Orthodontic Brackets Set contains Mini brackets.

These are metallic brackets that follow the Roth technique.

The brackets offer 3 hooks for placement of ligatures. The hooks are fine and allow easy placement of orthodontic ligatures.

The Dental Orthodontic Brackets Set has brackets with a 0.022″ slot.

The most common problem with brackets is the weak bonding of the bracket to the tooth surface.

The brackets have a strong mesh at the base. The mesh is very useful for the orthodontist.

When applying the adhesive, the mesh entraps the adhesive. Thus, allowing a strong bond between the tooth surface and the bracket.

The Criss-cross pattern adheres the adhesive cement to the bracket.

When using composite, the etching process on the tooth surface creates micropores in the enamel. The mesh on the bracket mimics the micropores.

As both ends have mesh-like structure, adherence of cement is easy and long-lasting.

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