Dental Examination Mirror top and Handle Black for Laser Dentist


Dental Mirror For Examination and Diagnosis Designed for LASER DENTISTRY

  • Specially designed for Laser Fillings on demand of Laser Dentists
  • Black and Dull surface does not reflect Laser Beam back
  • Easy for the dental Assistant


Black Dental Examination Mirror for Laser Dentists is black. The mirror has a dull black surface. Thus, it is not reflective of the laser during laser fillings. The anti-reflection surface is more comfortable to the eyes of the dentist and assistant. 

The matte finish mirror is a complete instrument. You get a mirror top and handle.

The surface of the mirror is matte black. The black and dull colour of the mirror has the advantage of absorbing the emitted Laser Beam. Thus, no reflection of the laser beam means an easier and safer operation for the dentist.

The mirrors make gum and cheek retraction easier for the dental Assistants too. This helps the most when assisting in a Laser filling. 

The Black Dental Examination Mirror for Laser Dentists can be used in normal retraction and observing procedures too.

We also sell normal mirror tops. For SET OF MIRROR TOPS,  Click here 


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