Dental Crown Remover Gun type spring loaded with 4 tips and adjusting wrench



  • Gun type mechanical Crown remover with loaded spring
  • The spring can be loaded by pressing the press button at the side.
  • 3 working tips and an adjusting wrench 


The Dental Crown remover gun type is a spring-loaded mechanical device. It removes bonded crowns and bridges.

It removes by an intensive impulse of the impact stress. The stress is from the stored energy in the spring inside the instrument.
Cement layer breaks with the impulse and the crown or bridge can be removed easily.
The Dental crown remover comes with 3 working tips of different styles. Packet contains a wrench to open it for cleaning.
It also has a straight rod for safety when not in use. Thus a safe device.

Loading and Removal

The spring loads by pressing the press button at the side.

Its tips attach the crown at different angles in order to remove it. Therefore allows easy working.


Its spring is titanium that retains its strength even after recurrent autoclaves.

Easy handling: one hand holds the instrument at the margin of the crown and the other hand press the action button that produces a jerk.

Impact intensity is adjustable. Four different hooks guarantee a universal use.

For permanent removal of crowns by breaking the seal between tooth and crown even after sectioning with a bur.

Dental Crown remover gun type is designed for easy removal of Crowns and Bridges by dental professionals.

The setting of the impulse to a higher level can break the underlying tooth.


Feature: Four different designs of tips allows us to engage different types of crown margins. Impulse strength can be lowered for root treated teeth. Removal Method: Impulse wave Material: Stainless steel Manufactured for Optimal results and Precision Manufactured from High-Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the Clinical Procedure Reusable / Full Autoclavable / High Degree of Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistance Product Conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality Mark, ISO 13485, and other Quality Standards

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