Dental Bur Cleaning Brush copper bristles adjustable length



  • Dental Lab Burs cleaning Brush with Metal bristles
  • stainless-steel tube with 7.5mm diameter and a maximum length of 11cm


Dental Lab Burs Cleaning Brush with Metal Bristles is a stainless steel tube of diameter 7.5mm and length 11cm. The brush has copper bristles. It pulls out as long as you want by a simple push of the back end.

In a new brush, the wires are 0.5cm out of the tube and as you use it, the wire gets bad and you have the benefit to cut down the old blunt wire and pull out more bristles. The total usable length of the bristles is 3.5cm. The bristles are made up of copper wire and ideal to clean many surgical, dental, and non-dental instruments.

Best Dental Lab Burs Cleaning Brush cleans dental burs. But you can also use it to clean the dental impression trays and the autoclave trays.

An interesting use is to clean the sieve of the juicer machine and to clean the golf ball.


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