Dental automatic Crown Remover and bridge remover with 10 tips



  • Spring-loaded Crown Remover (AUTOMATIC) with 10 tips (different sized tips)
  • removes bonded crowns/bridges by intensive impulse
  • spring made of Titanium to resist recurrent autoclave cycles



This is a Dental automatic Crown and Bridge Remover. It is a spring-loaded device.

It comes with 10 different sizes of tips. Four different designs of tips allow engaging different types of crown margins. The Dental automatic Crown and Bridge Remover removes bonded crowns and bridges.

It uses an intensive impulse. The Cement layer breaks with the impulse and the crown or bridge can be removed easily.

Its spring is titanium made that retains its strength even after recurrent autoclaves.

For permanent removal of crowns by breaking the seal between tooth and crown even after sectioning with a bur.


The setting of the impulse to a higher level can break the underlying tooth. Be careful.

You should lower impulse strength for root treated teeth.

We also sell Gun type dental crown/bridge remover. For more info click here


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