Dela rosa Arch forming pliers with grooves/Wire contouring pliers

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  • orthodontic wire contouring pliers for forming arch shape/form

  • has 3 grooves for different size of arches

  • for contouring heavy wires

  • useful for prosthodontists in forming C clasp


De la rosa Arch forming pliers with grooves is a wire contouring plier.

It is a useful tool for both the orthodontist and prosthodontist.

Wire contouring is one of the main concerns in orthodontics. This plier has a design to shape the wire in an arch form.

De La Rosa pliers working tip has three grooves that engage the wire and the corresponding part press is to give a shape.

You can nicely contour the arch, thanks to the U loop.

Its tip has a special design. Thus it offers a strong grip to all the wires from 0.014, 0.016, 0.018 and 0.020

It saves a lot of time in the dental laboratory. You can contour heavy wires to shape the arch form in removable and functional appliances.

The De La Rosa Arch forming pliers with grooves is beneficial for prosthodontists. The Prosthodontist can use this to make clasps (c-clasp).

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