Scissors Lagrange 4.5 inches With Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Artman Instruments
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  • High-quality double Curved pair of scissors i.e. 4.5 inch

  • Sharp cutting edge for Multipurpose

  • can be used as Surgical Gum Scissors 


The dual-Curve Lagrange dental scissors is a multipurpose scissor.

It works as surgical gum scissors and much more. While performing surgery, reaching inaccessible areas is very tough. This is where the curved scissors come into play.

The scissor is 4.5 inches in size that eases surgical procedures such as Gum surgery. The cutting edges, unlike the cheap scissors, are razor sharp.

The sharp edges allow their usage in different tasks such as minor surgical procedures, stitch removal, skin tag removal. The handle is gold-plated.