Orthodontic Bracket Placing Tweezer Set of 4 ARTMAN

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  • 【FINE TIP FOR PRECISE HOLDING】 Orthodontic bracket holders tip is designed with thin edges to get inserted in the minimum interdental space. The holding surface is serrated to grip the bracket. ARTMAN Instruments Dental Bracket Holding tweezers has a high degree of accuracy and flexibility, which can reduce errors in procedures. Its thin and mini tip clearly shows the working area and the distance to the adjacent brackets.
  • 【BOTH END WORKING】 The front tip is designed to hold the bracket and to place the bracket whereas the back end is designed to press it gently against the surface to let it seat in its place nicely. The thickness of back end is designed to get easily insert on te bracket between the wings.
  • 【PACK OF 4 TWEEZERS】 This orthodontic bracket placer tweezers set includes 4 tweezers to meet your orthodontic needs. We suggest to ask the assistant to engage 4 brackets on all the tweezers, put the primer and bonding and keep it ready to use for the quick working.
  • 【SPRING ACTION】 The reverse spring action makes it convenient for the operator to engage the bracket. Once the bracket is engaged then you can hold it gently to aim the target surface.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】 Orthodontic bracket holders are beautifully design for accurate and precise functioning. This type of tweezers is used where greater accuracy is required.
  • 【AUTOCLAVABLE STAINLESS STEEL】 Made of premium quality stainless steel, our tweezers are supper sturdy and durable.