Dental Orthodontic Posterior Buccal Tube Forceps Bonding Tweezer Holder Placer

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  • Buccal tube tweezer working at the both ends. The front end is designed to hold the buccal tube and this end is contoured to approach horizontally to the buccal part of the molar teeth.
  • The back end is designed to press it gently in order to sit the buccal tube in its positions and flow out the extra bonding material.
  • Firm control on buccal tube because of the spring action.
  • Autoclavable and rust resistant

It is a high-quality stainless-steel product designed for the holding of buccal tubes while inserting the braces. It is autoclavable product with rust resistant qualities and reverse spring action.

The front end holds the buccal tube and the back end is used to seat the buccal tube in its position.