Dental Crown Remover Pliers Debonding Crown Remover by Artman instruments

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This magical crown remover pliers saves a lot of your time and do the job like magic. The removal of the permanently bonded crown is always a pain-taking job and may cause many unexpected results especially when the underlying tooth is root treated. If you learn the proper use of this pliers it will save a lot of your time. Please consider the following points before using it. First of all, see the picture that shows how to engage the pliers on the tooth. Then put the pliers on the tooth according to the picture and put a mark on the occlusal surface of the crown where you will dig a hole and will insert the round tip of the plier. Now use a round diamond bur and dig a hole in the porcelain of the crown. When you approach the metal, used the tungsten carbide bur to make a hold in the metal. Make the diameter of the hole according to the tip of the pliers. Now insert the tip of the pliers in that hole until it touches the underlying tooth surface and engage the other edge to the buccal margin of the crown and squeeze the crown gently. You will feel the loosening of the crown or the breakage of the cement. Now you can easily take the crown out of the tooth. Use this pliers only to loosen the crown. If you feel some resistance to getting it off, use the temporary crown-removing pliers to take it off. Here is the link for temporary crown remover pliers.