Corwin Hegar Wire Twisting Forceps 7'' with tungsten carbide inserts

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Use this Froceps and Save a Lot of Time.


  • When inserting the metal ligatures on brackets, you spend a lot of time in wire twisting. If you have this forceps, it is the job of seconds.
  • When tying the all anterior teeth with one crisscross wire (0.010” thin wire) to retract back as one segment, (lace back technique) you waste a lot of time in wire twisting but if you have this forceps, you can do it in seconds.
  • When you are making a fixed retainer: If you want to use the 0.010” wire to bond at the lingual surface of lower anterior teeth, use this forceps to twist two of these wire to give a shape of twistflex wire and use it as a fixed retainer.


1)Hold the metal ligature end and lock the forceps.

2) Give one anticlockwise twist to the ligature with forceps.

3) Now engage a finger in the twister ring, (The third ring at the back), leave the forceps free, and pull this third ring back. It will rotate the forceps and all the twists will be placed in one go.