Hi Canadian Friends 

Enjoy Free Shipping If your order is More than $500

Yes, if your order is more than $500 simply add all the products to your shopping cart and pay it at check out. We will ship it to you without asking for any shipping charges. 

Please note that the Canadian Customs department may impose some fee to to your package and you are responsible for these charges at the time of delivery. 

If you have a problem in the payment processing or your payment is not accepted, take a screenshot of your shopping cart and email it at info@artmaninstruments.com and we will send you an online link for the payment. 

If you are a Canadian customer with order less than $500:

Most of our surgical products weigh less than 150 grams and the DHL shipping to Canada remains in the range of 15 to 18 dollars with shipping time of one weeks. Since the charges remain in the same range up to one pound (450grams) of weight, it is recommended that you add more items to your shipping card to get the benefit of this weight bracket.